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Covid Pandemic

Relief efforts in phase I by supported all police frontline workers and their families screening and free medicine distribution across Pune city and Pune gramin areas.

Relief efforts in phase II by providing free of cost Covid shield vaccination to more than 1000+ peoples, Mask distribution
and sanitization also.

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Championing Healthcare Initiatives During COVID-19

In Phase I of our relief efforts, we stood in solidarity with the brave frontline workers and their families, extending support through essential screening services and the distribution of free medicines. This initiative spanned across Pune city and its rural areas, ensuring no one was left behind in the fight against the pandemic.


Moving into Phase II, our commitment to community well-being remained unwavering. Additionally, we distributed masks and conducted sanitization drives to fortify our defenses against the virus. Together, we're forging a path towards resilience and recovery, ensuring that every individual receives the protection and care they deserve

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